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Words from Students & Alumni

Eileen Liu

Ms Eileen Liu

Master of Science in Marketing, Class of 2020

HKU is a world-renowned institution of higher education and it enjoys a high reputation and recognition all over the world, especially in Asia. I could learn a lot from the professors, all of whom have rich knowledge and a broad vision, and this precious 1-year learning experience would help me a lot in future job-hunting. On top, Hong Kong is close to the mainland, so mainland students can quickly and easily adapt to the local environment without too much of a culture shock.

I found marketing very interesting and think I am well suited to a career in this field, but I needed more marketing knowledge to support me to go further as I did not major in it as an undergraduate. Most of the professors would invite guests who are very experienced in the marketing area and work for famous companies to deliver speeches, which makes the programme pretty practical for students. What’s more, our professors would pay a lot of attention to keeping their lectures in line with the times. For example,introducing the business model of a new startup founded during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To future students, I would suggest they make the most of the career support provided by the faculty, such as the internship opportunities. Moreover, I suggest they actively participate in the various activities held by the faculty to meet more alumni. Lastly, I think learning more knowledge related to technologies rather than marketing only can be beneficial. The curriculum structure has already paid much attention to it and our programme has provided several courses about new technologies.

Matthew Lin

Mr Matthew Lin

Master of Science in Marketing, Class of 2020

Mia Wu

Ms Mia Wu

Master of Science in Marketing, Class of 2020

When I was young, I visited Hong Kong many times and I really love this charming city. Therefore, HKU has long been my dream school and it was my top priority when I applied for a graduate programme. I found my interest in marketing when I was an undergraduate and HKU developed a new Master Programme in Marketing in the last year of my undergraduate study, which I think may have been a special fate between HKU and myself. Getting in touch with creative and new ideas always makes me feel excited and I really do not want to fall into a routine. Marketing fits me so much as it is a job or a course that always has an “ing”, which encourages me to catch up with the latest trend and boost my creativity.

With the guidance of our friendly and prestigious professors, I am able to study with many energetic and excellent classmates from different backgrounds and learn a lot from them. What’s more, we can choose to participate in many workshops about future careers and different kinds of skills, and even in guided tours in Hong Kong. I live with two roommates who bring me laughter and we always take care of each other. I also met many friendly Hong Kong locals and they helped me without hesitation when I was in trouble. All of these are the best experiences I have had while studying in Hong Kong.

Suri Yang

Ms Suri Yang

Master of Science in Marketing, Class of 2020

I am very determined I will go back to mainland China to work when I graduate, so honestly speaking I only considered Hong Kong when I applied for my master programme. HKU has geographical advantages and a strong alumni network, which are very helpful when looking for a job, especially in the Greater Bay area.

Hong Kong has tight connections with Mainland China, and the marketing programme at HKU will cover more content about Chinese business and is very suitable for students like me who want to find a job in mainland. In addition, I liked the marketing programme’s course design very much, which combines creative courses like branding strategy with more analytic courses, such as big data and marketing on the internet.

To future applicants:

1. Know yourself and know that what you want is very important. So, follow your heart and never give up.

2. A good platform will decide who you will meet, who you can learn from, and who will influence your career and life.

3. What suits you is best. I am not an excellent student, but I think the reason I can admit to the marketing programme was ‘match’ and ‘suitability’.

Susie Hu

Ms Susie Hu

Master of Science in Marketing, Class of 2020

I worked in a marketing agency for two years after my undergraduate study. I gained quite a lot of practical experience in handling marketing inquiries from different types of brands. The more I experienced, the more I found it necessary to learn analytical and managerial skills in marketing. I also tried to start my own business in lifestyle products. It is crucial for a startup to obtain a strong skill set in marketing and management. The curriculum of HKU MSc in Marketing offered just what I wanted for my future business and career development, including courses about marketing research, integrated marketing communication, brand management and more.

I’ve been living in Hong Kong for almost eight years. I enjoy the dynamic life pace here. From freshman to a postgraduate student, I have gained so much energy from this city to pursue my dream and desirable life. Competition in Hong Kong is fierce, but it will also make you stronger and more independent.

Sylvia Qiu

Ms Sylvia Qiu

Master of Science in Marketing, Class of 2020

I chose to start my master degree journey in Hong Kong because it is an international city where I would have the chance to study business in an international context, but also get more chances to study the Big China market with geographical advantages.

Being in Hong Kong can also benefit us in terms of proximity to the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao (e.g., for job interviews, offline workshops in HK or Shenzhen, etc.). In the meantime, we can have a deeper observation of the Chinese market to prepare for our future career. Besides the geographic advantages, our professors are full of experience and knowledge in doing business in the Chinese market. For example, they can advise you on how a new start-up enters the mainland market and how it localises in the Hong Kong market. Professors are involved in diverse industries targeting the Big China market, including Medical Technology, Digital Marketing Technology, New Consumption Brands, etc.. Thus, it is a wise choice to pursue a master degree at HKU Business School so that students can broaden their horizons and learn about the development of different industries before they decide their future path.

Marketing is an interesting and practical subject for people who admire creativity and love to tackle business problems. The curriculum setting of the Master of Science in Marketing programme at HKU systematically leads me to learn marketing theories and put them into practice through teamwork. HKU Business School gives priority to lecture quality and fully respects student’s will.

In the capstone project, our study is closely connected with what is happening in the real business world. For example, we put what we learnt into practice to generate new marketing plans for Ocean Park Hong Kong, in order to solve its depression situation caused by the pandemic and traditional business model. We also studied different business models and learnt lessons from the company’s rise and fall, including how the unicorns entered the market and how old brands went through an under-competitive rough patch. It is helpful to build up a business mindset and understand the market trend. We leave the project well-equipped to enter different industries since we study marketing tactics and develop a business sense for different kinds of industries, including FMCG, electronic products, fast fashion, internet applications, etc.

The MScMktg programme broadened my horizons in the business world and guided me to my real passion: the technology industry. I feel confident in my future career path, since the programme opened up new doors for me to explore how professional marketers solve business challenges and create new pages for companies.