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Our Faculty

Our faculty members involved in Master of Science in Marketing programme hold PhDs from prestigious universities worldwide. They deliver top-quality teaching and research by introducing academic and innovative marketing theories and practices. Experienced professional practitioners will also share and discuss current industry best practices of their area of expertise with students.

Faculty Members by alphabetical order

Dr. Buston Yat Chiu CHU

Dr. Buston Yat Chiu CHU

Lecturer (Part-Time)

Dr. Tak Zhongqiang HUANG

Dr. Tak Zhongqiang HUANG

PhD, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Dr. Jayson Shi JIA

Dr Jayson Shi JIA

PhD, Stanford University, United States

Dr Sara Kim

Dr Sara KIM, MScMktg Programme Director

PhD, University of Chicago, United States

Prof Simon Lam

Prof Simon LAM

PhD, Australian National University, Australia

Dr Tuan Phan

Dr Tuan Quang PHAN

DBA, Harvard University, United States

Prof David Tse

Prof David K.C. TSE

 PhD, UC Berkeley, United States

Prof Echo Wan

Prof Echo Wen WAN

PhD, Northwestern University, United States

Dr Royce Yuen

Prof Bennett Chi Kin YIM, Area Head of Marketing 

PhD, Purdue University, United States


Dr Royce Yuen

Dr Royce YUEN

Adjunct Associate Professor
Former Chairman of Ogilvy Hong Kong