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With the rise of digital media and globalisation of economies, it is paramount for marketing professionals to delve into the latest trends and know-hows to navigate through a changing business landscape.


Unprecedented Industry Demand

Hong Kong has a highly developed consumer market, which offers an excellent testing bed for marketing concepts and techniques. Hong Kong companies are thus sophisticated users of marketing services, including but not limited to advertising, brand consultancy, event organising, market research and public relations. There is also increasing demand for marketing services in Mainland companies expanding their businesses into the global market. Given the language, cultural proximity and the fact that such Mainland companies usually have a base in Hong Kong, they are more likely to entrust Hong Kong marketing services firms or professionals to support their development and integration with the global market.

In general, the marketing industry has undergone tremendous transformations in recent years, driven by these dynamic factors:

  • Technology breakthroughs that have contributed to numerous product innovations in various industries
  • The digital era and increasing salience of social media
  • Market shifts due to the rise of the millennial consumer and aging population

According to recent job market reports, marketing has consistently been ranked as a highly sought-after skill across different Asia markets. Due to fierce competition for talents, those with the right skill set and training can ask for increased pay and packages. The life cycle of applied knowledge in marketing has also been greatly shortened as a result. While prior education and experience in the area can serve as a good foundation, marketers need to update and upgrade their knowledge every few years to stay at the forefront of the industry.